From the recording Detours

This is a short song I wrote for a dance solo Nancy and I did called With a Man (Who Loves to Dance). It's written for a Foxtrot and I was inspired by Peggy Lee when I wrote it. Nancy sings lead. 


 I’m not asking for flowers
Nothing like that!
I’m not looking for romance
(What she wants!)
Is a man-who loves to dance
 I don’t need no chocolate
No pretty little words
I don’t need to be whisked to France
(What she wants!)
Is a man-who loves to dance
 Do you long to hold me?
Can you move those feet?
Do you dance like a man possessed?
Cause that would be oh so sweet!
 Don’t need any money,
Or a fancy car
I’ll only take one kind of chance
(With a man)
Ooh, that man-who loves to dance.