Life Without Chickens

 Do Unto Others

I seen it, yeah walking; taking its terrible time

Sweeping up innocent babes in its arm and taking them away

Callin’ all his easy friends, locked behind their doors

Deadbolt, chain; sign here

Hey, what you all afraid of?

I see signs, yeah, telling me the truth; this is the way, what must be done

There is no other side; this is you or us

I see no tears, feel no pity; this is your true reward

Find your corner; here is the fence

You are what we are afraid of

I heard once, yeah, try to love your brother

Sometimes it simply can’t be done; lives are in the balance

This is you or us

Rational man is just an illusion; trust him and he will kill us all

To them you cannot be afraid                                                                         5/21/86


Leftside, Rightside

I like the way you move; I like the way you look

I like the things you say; you’re so very bright

It’s like; this is everything I want it to be

Later on we can get together; we can laugh and we can cry

We can be all those things we believe in

Never mind the guy you saw in the car next to you

Or the woman walking down the street

We’ll be so much better

We’ll shine so bright that no one will see past us

That’s the way it has got to be

I want to tell you my stories; I want to be your friend

And we can dance through or lives

We can boast that we’ve always been close

I say love; love is so very special to us

It’s not like the man on the street; it’s not like everyday life                  5/24/86


Highway Tune

I can see you riding along that highway

Dusty, warm, and brown

Callin’ friend, it’s good to be back in town

And I can see you still have your mother’s eyes, soft and blue

I’d often heard you’d never come home; something about the ways of the warrior

But I can’t believe a spirit like yours could ever be in the ground

And I can see you riding high and easy

Laughing out loud

Coming to take me out of this town

And I can see you riding off to heaven

Glory bound

Never mind all the things I heard you say

You couldn’t know that fate would play

Your highway tune                                                                                            5/26/86


A Future Fireman

So Bob, what you gonna be when you grow up?

-I want to be a fireman, Dad-

Well maybe you can be the president

-Yeah, like Washington and Lincoln and Nixon-

You could make a lot of money in the free enterprise system

And support me and your mother when we retire

-Sounds great, Dad-

I remember when I was just a kid

Taught about the presidents and everything they did

They were great; they were good

It seemed pretty simple; I thought I understood

Everybody goes, everybody goes, everybody goes to the dance

Nice makeup Bob, you make a cute girl

-It’s the way I am, Dad-

You’ll make some fireman

-I’m gonna be a poet and die poor and unknown

And you and mom are going to spend your old age senile and broke-

Sounds great, son

Everybody goes, everybody goes, everybody goes to the dance

I remember when I was just a teen

Taught us about the presidents and everything they’d been

They were men; they made mistakes

I didn’t like ‘em; they were fakes

I don’t want to be a fireman, Dad                                                               5/31/86


Meatkiss/Another Street Prophet

Brothers and sisters, I’m calling out to you

Let’s pull ourselves together and we can live our lives in peace

Let’s all try to remember that we are all the same

God has shown the way

I know it isn’t easy, but it’s got to be better than

Killing, hatred, and pain

If we would only try

I remember him standing there, no money, no future

Just pleading and crying for love and brotherhood

And I don’t know if I felt pity or disgust

Either way it was his mistake; judge me fool, I believe not                6/4/86

The Concerns of the Holy

You’ve seen my face; my lips they move

You can’t love me; I can’t love you

This is a life you cannot see

This life was bought it; it was not free

It is not anything

You must believe

These are my words; plain

There is no magic in my name

There is no comfort in this fame

There is no end to all this pain

It’s a living                                                                                                     6/17/86



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