Ice Flows

On a Roll

It was winter and I was just rolling on ice

Following the ice flow through the frozen lights

And you were still on my mind

As though I'd left you behind

You know you can scream forever and only hear the wind

It takes all your anger away and leaves you alone in the cold

And love, it seems to be near; pulling the heart that here

I always knew I could never go back

Knowing the feeling would never return

It gets cold here at night when the air starts to freeze

And when the sun is down there's no reason to be 

Afraid of something that's gone

And I, just keep moving on.

Green Cadillac

Well my baby just love my Green Cadillac

But she won't love me till I get it back

They took it away yesterday, and she said bye-bye today

So please Lord get me back, my green Cadillac

Well you see my baby's gonna be a star

And she needs, she needs a cool flashy car

But with nothing to drive, my sweet loving baby just won't arrive 

So please Lord get me back ,y cool Cadillac

I know she don't love me, she just loves my car

But that don't bug me unless she tries to go too far

So I try to stay cool and not end up playing the fool if I can help it

Well my baby just loves my green Cadillac

With its plush green carpet and its stereo 8-track

Opera windows and tinted glass and handles made of solid brass

Oh please please get me back, my green Cadillac

Well my baby just loves my green Cadillac

 But now that I have it I don't want her back

I got it back yesterday and I said bye-bye today

And thank you Lord for my green Cadillac.


Idle at work, boy, does it matter? Living on hopes of breaking away

Finding my nights strangled by boredom, falling for you went so very smooth

To burn in the whitelight; to burn

But callousness lives with the light of tomorrow

Too right it seems was the way that we were

You faded away and I slept with sorrow

Reliving the days when love spelled your name

To die in the whitelight; to die

Wrapped tight in that dream, this prisoner wandered

Blinded by pain with nowhere to go

Someday, somewhere it will all pan out

Meantime I'll wait and try not to scream

To scream in the whitelight;screaming for you.

I Remember

I know a lady, summer blows through her hair

And her warmth calls to tell me, there's no need to despair 

I see her smiling, feel the pain disappear

I love for her friendship, it's my vision she clears

In that moment that I feel her I am free 

And the silence sounds much sweeter when you're free

Inspiration, this is all that I ask

forgive me my failures to give up the past 

Too long have I harbored the burnout, the fool

My brothers in sadness who said love isn't true

In your laughter I have seen them turn and go

Someday you may know me, see the things that I do

Feel the love in this song, this is my gift to you.

Down Here

I'm taking a walk downtown; I'm checking out the face

I don't know a soul down here; that's what I like

I'm doing the block to block, noticing those strange little changes

Like from rich to poor; uptown to downtown

Some guy says; "Hey, buddy; you watch you step down here!"

I'm getting a soup and sandwich, checking out the waitresses

Some don't want to give you the time of day, but don't forget to tip

I think I'll stroll the park, lay out on the grass

Check out the boys in the parking lot; from a distance

Some guy says, "Hey, buddy; you watch your step down here!"

Some guy says, "Hey man; I need a dollar!"

I want to say, "Get a job!", but I give him a buck anyway; I've heard those stories

I gonna head back home now; I've had myself dome fun

Before someone notices I'm from out of town

Some guy says, "Hey, buddy, you watch your step down here!".

Anthems to Glory

It time to move, don't you see it; it's time to go, don't you know it

Time to move on!

I've been walking the line between people and things

Looking in eyes, plugging in names

Jesus is dying just look at his face

Listening to preachers; the word of God

Gracious words and pointy fingers; this is the way to salvation, this is the way to utter damnation

This is the way we sell our god


It time to move, don't you see it; it's time to go, don't you know it (I don't want to run)


Time to move on!

Say it's love and I'll believe you; tell me this will save our race

Give the world our precious children, let them take our special place

Tell all about their leaders, show them it's the price they pay for love and freedom and what you say

It's the American way

Love will save us

Let's make it seem as if a joke or some new fashion round our throats

A moment's pleasure, a moment's good; life is so misunderstood

Lets make it easy, make it clean

Clear the slate and so it'll seem that nothing bad will come again

And we will breathe our little sighs and in our minds we won't ask why

One lives while another dies


It time to move, don't you see it; it's time to go, don't you know it (I don't want to run)


Time to move on!







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