No Love Here 

No Love Here 

Hey now don’t get tight, I see the fire burning bright inside you 

Don’t be mad tonight, but then you’d rather scratch and claw till daylight 

Madness, raindrop eyes, you’re oh, so smooth you try to make me realize 

That there’s no love here 

Girl, you say you’re mine; you speak so sweet I might as well just stay blind 

Light line, laugh and wait, too many broken hearts are saying, “Don’t cry!” 

Do we really swing? Can I believe it when you say, “I’ll be you.” 

Is there no love here? 

Oh, you modern girls, don’t say you have to play with only good guys 

Don’t be lonely, girl, it’s tough enough to just say goodbye 

Damn you make this hard, just flash a smile and say I’m crazy 

If there’s no love here 


The Motorcade 

Let us roll from fast to slow; from the present to the past 

In faces drawn on paper, let us find our soul 

And we shall sing, and life goes on; in time, this wound will heal 

And we on high, shall cross this land 

Picture, time, this face, time, ruin, pictures 

Remember me 

And we shall sing, and life goes on; in time, this wound will heal 

And we on high, shall cross this land 



Hey love, hey, what’s it gonna be? 

You and me, nice and easy, a moment together 

I can’t see any reason not to be glad you’re here with me 

Sometimes life’s troubles blind us, we forget we’re not alone 

It’s us, together 

I can’t find any reason not to be glad you’re here with me 

What little I know, what little I say 

It won’t protect me without you; it just wouldn’t matter 

And I just know, from this heart, say it’s true 

That I’m in love with you 


A Last Embrace 

Walk in rhythm, I can see us, our hands bound together 

In the morning we still smile; have a good day wherever you go 

I don’t want to tell you where I go; still, you never ask 

Are we lovers or just bodies struggling to touch skin we shed long ago 

In places our hearts say we’ve never been 

Is this you, to whom I said I would always love, forever in a time that’s given way 

To dreams 

So, love, take to the land we have given you, and we will kiss one last time 

As we walk away, will you see that single tear fall from the eye 

Or simply the sound of a heart as it heaves its sigh 


Career day 

Rain dance (gun fun), playing in the street 

Taking Jimmy (downtown), time to learn (time to think) 

Who you gonna be, who you gonna touch? 

You see ‘em all (see those faces) 

Who you gonna kiss, who you gonna trouble? 

It’s how you see (the world that be) 

It’s what you think you can take from me 

Much too fun (much too clean), wholesome live, wholesome themes, yeah 

Let’s all have money (let’s all be cute) 

Say something clever, swallow the puke 

We can all have rhythm, (we all can swing) 

We can all be fat (we can all be lean); we can say you’re us, we can say you’re them 

One to the left, one to the right, one in the middle, one outta sight 



Jesse was the prototype, serial number one, the first they manufactured for public use 

His coat was stainless shining, his well-oiled joints moved fast and free 

Ah, he was the pride of old Detroit and for all the world to see 

Jesse though had a problem that started in his head, and ran through his body like cancer does 

For when he tried to move it, his head popped off and fell to the ground 

Now he’s back at home in old Detroit so remodeling can begin 

Months and months went rolling by as work kept going on 

To mend the many problem that Jesse had 

And when they re-introduced him, he bowed and his head went bang, pop, boom, bang-bang 

So, they rolled him back to the town of old Detroit, and quietly slammed the door 

Oh, Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, will you ever be done? 

Well, many years have passed us by and many Jesses too 

The last I do recall was number ninety-four 

But of all the different Jesses, my heart still remembers dear old Jesse one 

For he was the pride of old Detroit, and for all the world to see 


Billy Bob Blues/Jumpin’ Down Jack 

I came calling, but, baby, you weren’t home; just like you when I’m in need 

I got my problem; can’t you see it? 

That’s what you’re here for, baby, to sooth my blues 

You’re probably out having a good time; I’m all broke up here feeling lousy and low 

You got no heart seems to me 

I couldn’t do this, baby, to you and not feel bad 

I think you’re avoiding me 

What, you think I can’t have a good time? It’s not true 

I’m hurting; I know I see it in the mirror every morning when I get up to shave 

I’ve been nice to you, took you places 

Bought you that black shirt goes with your shoes 

It’s those friends of yours saying I’m strange, making fun of my Rambler 

I’m sensitive, baby, an artist too 

But you just party, party, party, while I’m an emotional wreak 

You rotten, woman! Someday, someone’s gonna get you too!