David William Pearce

As a long time DIY musician, I've been writing and recording since Disco was in vogue. Figured it was time to start bringing all this music to the world. 

I started writing songs when I was 15.

I first started recording while in the Navy, which entailed coming home, rushing to get as much work in as we could, and then waiting to hear the finished songs; this was when I was working with friends, mainly Brian Waters, with whom I worked for a number of years. While in the Navy, I bought a Tascam 4-track Portastudio ( I still have it, although it needs new heads and a new motor ) as a way to create demos for people to hear. 

Along the way I found I was able to make the kinds of music I liked, and let's be honest, that's generally the music you remember and like the best. I ungraded the microphones I used and the outboard equipment for all the delightful sonic effects that are part and parcel to the kinds of songs I write, and that were not part of old analog recorders as they are these days in digital ones. I then went nuts writing and recording 7 albums in 5 years.

After a lengthy break, I got back into playing and writing and decided I wanted to record again. This resulted in We Three, my first new album in too many years, which I released in 2016. I continue to write and record and releasing my back catalog.


You can contact me here!


You can contact me here!

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