David William Pearce

As a long time DIY musician, I've been writing and recording since Disco was in vogue. Figured it was time to start bringing all this music to the world. 

I started writing songs when I was 15.

I began making recordings while in the Navy, which entailed coming home, rushing to get as much work in as we could, and then waiting to hear the finished songs. This was when I was working with friends, mainly Brian Waters, with whom I worked for a number of years. While in the Navy, I bought a Tascam 4-track Portastudio (I still have it!) as a way to create demos for people to hear. 

Along the way I found I was able to make the kinds of music I liked, and let's be honest, that's generally the music you remember and like the best. I ungraded the microphones I used and the outboard equipment for all the delightful sonic effects that are part and parcel to the kinds of songs I write, and that were not part of old analog recorders as they are these days in digital ones. I then went nuts writing and recording 7 albums between 1985 and 1991.

At that point I had two young children, a recorder that was wearing out, and the sneaking suspicion I was repeating myself. So I took a break.

Which lasted much longer than I thought it would.

I got back into playing and writing in 2006 and decided I wanted to record again. This resulted in We Three, my first new album in too many years. That was followed by Whispers (From a Forgotten Memory), and Winter. My most recent release is This Wonderful Life, which I think is the best work I've ever done. 

You can contact me here!


You can contact me here!

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