broken hearts and the fabulous perch


Think of showers and cold gray mornings though the sun shines bright

Nothing ever seems to be like they write in their books

Reading never let me know how to take all the love that you gave

Or help me understand the meaning of saying goodbye

And I'll be holding on to tomorrow, cause I've Lost today

You gave me sorrow and I stayed away

Still, just to see you I'm afraid I might lose it but I can't be sure

Nothing would throw me back further than you making mr smile

I never really knew all the reasons, but then I don't really care

Cause maybe just having you smile is all that I need

The dreams weren't so clever and maybe all we had was a young man's song

God I loved you; my the words they sound so strange

And I'm still holding on to tomorrow, but I've seen today

You gave me romance and I had to stay

I remember all the good times though I won't forget your name

Maybe if it happens again I won't fall so hard

You were too much too fast to have it all end quite so soon 

And should I return you could tell me if it was all real

I'll be holding on to tomorrow though i've found today

You gave the answers but I'll stay away


Light from a bright source shone on the skin, erotic illusions

Same for the morning, patterns the day forming delusions

She's the style, the smile, the girl in every ad' pretty faces with a name

Golden kisses with that silver afterglow; lacing faces with fame

But you know there's something out there

Babies from midtown, the everyday Jane; moderate takings

Cancel the red light, foster the home, compromise makings

In a while the picture blooms across the screen, see the faces, perfect styles

Fade forever in your dirty picture book, reap a world of dirty smiles

But you know there's nothing out there

She's the style, the smile, the girl in all your dreams, pretty faces do it all 

No need to live inside this life of ruin, kiss the faces laced with fame

But you know you're dying out there

Being Modern/Mad  

Somewhere the moonlight is shining bright

In love struck eyes on a summer's night

It's so romantic, it's so unreal with us, huh, baby and our open deal

We stay so busy being modern, afraid to say just what we feel

But baby I'll go crazy if you go

For all our worry and all our fears are safely hidden by phony tears

Such easy cowards, such fragile friends, for charmed emotions claimed to never end

Perhaps though, without warning, one night I'll grab you, kiss you hard

And never let you go

So you grew up thinking love was like magic cuz it made you feel so good down inside

But that girl turned your love to illusion, such a shame

Now your friends say there's no need for sorrow and they're sure something will come your way

So your hopes start to pin on tomorrow what don't come today

Sure! But I just can't begin another love today

Got too much time but you've nothing to say, been so long that it gets in your way

Sure you'd like a friend, think it's all that you need, but it's too much work when there's no guarantee

Think I'm going mad, think too much, must be mad

So I'm sitting here wishing I had me a lover to cure the numbing pain in my heart

But who needs the hassle just to cure being lonely;I do!

Think I'm going mad, think too much, must be mad.


I was a singer a long time ago when half the colors were real

Life wasn't flowers, but the scent was in the air and all the children were real

One day they discovered that color was only light and dulled the perceptions on the walls

And like the religions, it came to take its hold and shadow the reasons of man

I am the the free bird of man

I see the freedom of love

I feel the true way to love

I know the visions that stir in the light

Late evening notions, romance, spend the night; love turned to plastic with a smile

With no perfect lovers, the scent it left the air and all of the children came from tubes

I was a singer in the days when there were songs, when people would listen when you sang

All of the humans were more human than they are; some say they still know the light, saying:

I am the free bird of love

I see the freedom of love

I feel the true way to love

I knew the vision that stirred in the light


Out in the ruins he lit her cigarette

His dark eyes set her on the road to his dream

Turn away from dear sweet momma

Hold her to your breast

Whisper something tragic as the long nights raise their heads

A dark haired beauty, a handsome man

The blue haze tracks them through the maze of their world

Look away, don't face the ruins, just look into his eyes

She won't lose her passion cuz they always seem to say:

Keep your love

No pretty picture, no Shangri-La

Yet the story leaves you with that movie love

Anyway, she was a beauty, he had that winning smile; their moment's glory

And they always seem to say:

Keep your love, keep your love

Broken Hearts and Confusion

Frenzied and reckless can't you slow things down? She's just a vivid memory

Wasting your time on someone long since gone

Isn't the truth as plain to see?

So many beauties in this great wide world; why can't you let one calm you down?

Pinning your fortunes on this long lost girl, making it seem so black and white

Can't you fight?

And I say she's just a lady

Don't you remember how you said it was real, just can't believe what you feel anymore

I can't excite you as a friend or a foe, you won't let that woman out the door

Stay it, don't let it show; it's an impossible dream, let it go

Let all your hope right through tomorrow- God knows there's something else to do

What will you say if she shows one day? How does one say hi to a dream?

Break her in easy? Man, don't act so cold, I'd hate to see her fade away, anyway

( And they'll say she's still a lady )

The Sailor 

He came from the sea, I heard he was strong

They called him a champion, he'd followed his dream

Stay on

And from the blood drenched morning till the sun stood high did I hear his call

Headed from the east side, headed for the west

He laid in the sun and told me his stories

A man of the sea, tales of the bold

Stay on

And as his eyes grew silent and his voice rang out and the blood fell free

Skating on tomorrow, running for the west

He hadn't the load, you know it's something he borrowed

Holding it down with the edge of his knife

Living so long gave him some kind of aura

Blood on his hands, death in his eyes

Somewhere he was wrong, a victim of sorts

No friend for his family, no love fills his heart

Stay on

And as the young girl held and his brain went crazy did they hear her scream?

Flying cross the dateline, landing in the west

The Screamer 

Hear the winter blow in and through the island

Just might be today, but there you go; caught again

Bobby says it's cold, screaming for the sun to shine again

To bleach the sky and turn the world around

Lately, it don't seem so good no more

I can't see enough in your eyes

Someone steal this fantasy before he comes, running wild

Best listen hard for the screamer

Some may understand, others tend to mock you

Who's this crazy man? Well hear me son; no time to sleep, too many crazy dreams

Such an easy life, tainted from the inside

Funny how it goes from blue to gray then shifts to red and leaves you little else

Somehow, it don't seem so bad no more

I don't care to look in your eyes

Someone gave my heart away, and yet he comes in the darkness

Best run away from the screamer





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