From the recording Life Without Chickens-1986

Near Kiss/Another Street Prophet, is my one foray into a Reggae beat. The song was created of a series of drum patterns I created using a Drumulator.

It is the drums and percussion you hear on all the albums from what I call the Seattle period, 1985-1991, and it had a great sound as well as individual outs for each sound, bass, snare, etc. This allowed a lot of creativity and it made recording just that more fun. The song is 2 parts, the instrumental to start and then the song proper. Along with the drum patterns, I used two guitars run through a Rat fuzz box and the Effectron II for the echo, and the Korg Poly-800 synth for bass and atmospherics. The lyrical subject was the conflict in our consumer driven-business driven society between self interest and the welfare of others. I posed this by having each verse be in a different position; the first is the street prophet lamenting for those struggling and a desire for us to come together; the second is the indignant response, partly of disdain for not working and for the suggestion that he isn't compassionate enough.


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