1. On a Roll

From the recording Ice Flows-1985

On A Roll, track 2 from Ice Flows, was the first song I wrote that wasn't created on the guitar. The main riff was composed on the new synth i had recently purchased, a Korg Poly-800. The premise of the song is letting go of that which you can never regain, in this case, an old love. I was also the first song were I used hand drums rather than a drum machine. It was also the start of a new writing process where I used the Portastudio to create songs as I went along rather than work up a song and then record it. Often I would play around with a song idea till the main riff or element became clear and then fleshed out the rest of the recording. The lyrics were usually the last part that was completed. The other parts of the song are the bass line and a single guitar. The bass I ran through a Fender amp and the guitar was recorded directly into the Portastudio via an Effectron II processor.


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