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Anthems to Glory, is one of, if not at the top, one of my favorite songs. It is also the darkest and angriest song I've ever written. The subject matter is the disconnect between what we're taught or choose to believe and the realities of life as unflinchingly observed whether how religion is more political than spiritual or how easily we're willing to sacrifice other people's children in the name of our freedom, or how we turn away from violence even if it's tied to our material well-being. Like I said, it's an angry tune. Musically, it came to me as I was finishing Down Here, the previous song on the album and happened on the groove that you hear in the song. I purposely chose to not add a bass line and the guitars are run through a Rat distortion box and a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. I wanted the song to be bright and jarring. It was also the first song in which I ran the vocals through the Effectron II that I had recently purchased at the time. Lastly, one of the unexpected sounds is with the organ tone generated by the Korg Poly 800, which I still have, and how it fades as the keys are held down. this is most notable at the end of the song.


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