My favorite album from the Seattle period, 1985-1991. Apologia continues the work from Life Without Chickens, and builds on the cultural and social themes of America in the mid-80's and little has changed in the intervening years.

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We Three

Songs about love and loss, of the toll that ending a long time relationship can bring and the way it influences new relationships.

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Ice Flows

A series of songs that deal with distance and longing.

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Life Without Chickens

An album that blends jazz and rock influences as it addresses the world we live in.

Life Without Chickens



Mr Primitive's first album. A album of rock and soft-rock from the late 70's, but hey, you've got to start somewhere.



Whispers (From a Forgotten Memory)

An album about memory and how it shifts and changes over time and emotion. 

Whispers (From a Forgotten Memory)


Broken Hearts and the Fabulous Perch

The second of the Mr Primitive band albums recorded in 1982, the sound is more rocking than PearceArrow with songs of passion and confusion.

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Desperate Mothers

An album reflecting on service and the comradery, isolation, and revelation that brings. Desperate Mothers is the first of Mr Primitive's albums to be self-produced and recorded.

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Winter is a mix of Jazz and pop that speaks to moving on and letting go of past sorrows and looking forward to more interesting times.

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